Desserts   11:30-21:30 (last order)
Tofu made cheesecake  ¥500
 (The arrangement changes depending on the season; does not contain any cheese)
Chocolate mousse and bite sized lemon tart set  ¥500
 (The sourness and spices in the mousse sometimes changes; contains organic cocoa imported from France and organic tofu)
Dessert of the week  ¥500
 (For example: earl grey tea and fruit tart, mango, coconut, and walnut mixed cake, apple and cocoa spiced cake, et cetera)
About our desserts:
 Le Coccore's desserts do not contain any white sugar that is harmful to the body. Instead, we use natural sweeteners that contains minerals such as maple syrup and beet sugar. We also make vegan (macrobiotic) desserts that do not contain any animal products by substituting dairy products to soy milk or tofu.