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 We use safe and healthy vegetables that you can even eat with their skins. These vegetables mainly come from the owner's brother in Shimofukagawa in Nara and contain no chemicals (from February to May, there is a shortened supply.)

(We don't use any genetically modified food or ingredients. As much as we can, we also use natural and organic seasoning with no preservatives.)
 We provide a Japanese traditional diet that we believe is the source of happiness and wellness in one's life.
 Rather than using animal products like milk and butter, in order to make you feel full and satisfied, we use soy milk, almond milk, and peanut butter. We are discovering enjoyable vegetable dishes every day.
 Eating quality vegetables is good for not only your body but your mind as well. The way we grow these vegetables is so nature friendly that it will contribute to the recovery of mother nature's power.
 We do not use any MSG. Isn't it sad to find out the things you think are delicious turn out to be food with MSG (chemicals that make food taste better)?
 When we think about food, we realize we are part of the circle of life in nature. At Le Coccole, we are trying not to destroy the cycle by, for example, not using chemical detergent that will destroy the water in the drain, et cetera.
 We hope mother nature will recover its energy starting from Le Coccole…
 We hope people will laugh and have a happy and healthy life…