**2th Dec closed  SO SORRY !!

Lunch Menu

Vege Plate  ¥1000
Today’s selection of 3 vegan dishes made with seasonal vegetables ,leafy green,brown rice,salad and soup
Indian Vegetable Curry and brown rice ¥1300
it is made with organic spices and seasonal vegetables
comes with salad and soup
Tomato and vegetable brown rice risotto ¥1300
comes with 1 of today’s specials and soup

Lunch drink set
Coffee ¥250
Cereal coffee (non-caffeine) ¥200
 made from chicory root,wheat,rye and fig
BIO Wine ¥500
All food and drink is vegan
We don’t use any dairy milk,cheese,yoghurt,meat or eggs.
Almost all our vegetables are organically farmed